Monday, August 9, 2010

Safety belts and the Joliet Police

Aug 8th at the McDonalds on Cass at 4 pm Joliet police car 128 a white Ford Explorer pulled in and its passenger was laying down in the seat with her head in the lap of a fellow officer and had her knees up in the window NOT WEARING A SEAT BELT, isn’t that against the law, don’t we as tax payers have to obey this law, I guess not, must be a law for them and a law for real people. Like I was told when I was a kid in grade school, only criminals have some thing to fear from the police.. Was officer friendly wrong? When an Officer takes a vow to up hold the law and is breaking the law then what messages are sent to kids and adults, so when the kids that were in the McDonalds parking lot seen this, I wonder what they thought. Is it playing time for the Joliet Illinois Police on our tax dollars and also why was the lady officer’s head in the other officer’s lap . HUMMM.